Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to 2L4O!

Latest update: 1/7/14 at 7:10AM ET.

Unlike their wearers, 2L4O shirts are now sold out. Thanks very much to all who wear them and to the blogs that have helped promote them!

2L4O stickers, magnets, mugs, etc. are still available via a Cafepress shop —

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2L4O press release features testimonials from Cindy Sheehan, Bruce A. Dixon, Dr. Margaret Flowers, and Paul Street. Also viewable here and here. Please read why they consider themselves "2L4O"!

Note: Due to popular demand, we've added a new line of shirts that read: "2L4O: Too Left for Obama" — now in stock, and all pre-ordered shirts have shipped!

For some of us, "liberal" is a word to wear proudly (perhaps in the form of a "2L4O: Too Liberal for Obama" shirt). Others prefer to describe their politics using a "left"-oriented word (lefty, leftist, etc.). Whichever is your preferred term, we hope a 2L4O shirt will help you start a long-overdue conversation about President Obama's Bush-like agenda.

* * *

Every day, more left-of-center Americans conclude that Barack Obama doesn't represent their liberal values. Yet the mainstream media still treats President Obama's left-side critics as all-but-non-existent.

If you exist, and if you want others to recognize that Obama is mistaken to neglect the liberal base — both for our support and for the advantages of liberal policy — deck yourself out in 2L4O shirt!

When you order, be sure to specify which blog sent you here, and a portion of the proceeds will go to that blog.

Many thanks to for being the first site to promote 2L4O merchandise! If you're interested in having your site participate, please drop me a line at vastleft AT vastleft DOT com.

  • Use the order form in the right margin
  • Union-made 2L4O shirts are $18 each, for either the "Too Left for Obama" and "Too Liberal for Obama" version.
  • Shipping/handling (U.S. only at this time) is $4 for the first shirt; add $2 for each additional shirt
  • PayPal account not required — just specify a major credit card during checkout
  • Shirts are silk-screened, 100% cotton, with white printing on black
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping (though they usually arrive within a week of your order). We could do this faster using a site like Cafepress, but by ordering from a local firm, the quality is much better.
  • E-mail confirmations aren't automatic; I'll send you one out manually once I see your order.

Update 2/25/11: All Power to the Positive is now a 2L4O referrer!

Update 12/28/10:

Please welcome My name is JuJuBe, the newest 2L4O referrer!

Update 12/15/10:

D2 route is the newest 2L4O-promoting site!

Today we (finally!) sold the last of the first-batch shirts, and as planned we sent a donation to Doctors Without Borders for over $50. Thanks to everyone who helped us clear out the first 'uns and ushered in our new era of union-made-only shirts!

Update 10/29/10:

Black Agenda Report, one of the first sites to warn of Obama's conservatism, is now featuring 2L4O shirts!

Update 9/24/10:

Tild at Tildology is now helping get the word out on 2L4O, and her referral commissions are pledged to Doctors Without Borders!

Update 7/20/10:

Lightpond is now promoting 2L4O shirts!

Update 4/19/10:

Please welcome The Red Queen at Elizabitchez as a new 2L4O promoter!

Update 4/17/10:

Thanks to most 2L4O purchasers for opting for the new union-made shirts! There is still some inventory of the first-edition shirts we'd like to clear out, so we've reduced the price of those to $8, half the original price (with $1 going to Doctors Without Borders). Note: the first-edition XXLs are gone, and size S is running low, so get 'em while you can!

Update 2/24/10:

The Union/American-made shirts are here, priced at $18! While supplies of the original (non-union) shipment last, they're on sale for $10, with $1 going to Doctors Without Borders.

Update: 2/15/10:

Great quote from Avedon Carol at The Sideshow:
I think it would be wonderful if no politician or media idiot could go outside without seeing at least a couple of these [2L4O shirts]. Click the link, buy one (and tell them I sent you), and wear it around Capitol Hill, or your state capitol building or the places your local reporters go for lunch, and let them see that we're wise to them.

Update 2/13/10:

I recently posted about 2L4O at

Key updates include:
  • For each shirt sold from 2/4/10 until the first batch runs out, 2L4O will donate a dollar to Doctors Without Borders for Haitian-relief efforts.
  • Union/American-made shirts are now on order (note: prices will increase once these go on sale)

Update 2/9/10:

Thanks to Don Durito de la Lacandona at Notes From Underground for help getting the word out about 2L4O.

Thanks to Avedon Carol at The Sideshow for promoting 2L4O!

Thanks to Bryan at Why Now?, LarryE at Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time, William at Pa^2 Patois, and SPIIDERWEB™ for posting about 2L4O!

Update 2/7/10:

Thanks to Mike Finnigan at Crooks and Liars for featuring 2L4O in "Mike's Blog Roundup"!

Update 2/5/10:

Thanks to mystrbreeze at UN-Original Thoughts for putting in a nice word for 2L4O.

Note: today is the Day of Shame anniversary.

Update 2/4/10:

Thanks to Tennessee Guerilla Women for becoming the sixth 2L4O promotional partner!

Also, 2L4O is preparing to order its next batch of shirts, which will be union/American-made apparel. We'll be donating a portion of the proceeds from the remainder of the first batch to a charity that helps the Haitian poor and working poor. Details to come.

Update 2/2/10:

Some potential customers have suggested that we use union-made / American-made shirts only. That suggestion rings especially relevant, because the first batch of shirts came in (even our vendor doesn't ordinarily know the manufacturer/origin of the shirts at order time) from Gildan, manufactured in Haiti.

Given concerns about the conditions at such manufacturers, we will be insisting on union-made (and probably American-made) goods for subsequent stock and will offer anyone who's already purchased a shirt from our first batch the option of:

* A refund
* Receiving the items as made
* Receiving a union-made shirt once they become available

It appears that the price will necessarily increase when we switch to union-made shirts, but we will honor the current price for prior purchasers who choose the third option.

Update 2/1/10:

The shirts have arrived! I'll be mailing them out tomorrow. Thanks to all you early supporters of 2L4O!

Update 1/31/10:

Thanks to Wampum, home of the legendary Koufax Awards, for helping promote 2L4O!

Update 1/30/10:

Thanks to montag at The Burned Over District for describing 2L4O as being "part of the vast majority of Americans." If the administration keeps pushing conservative policies and frames, more and more of the majority who voted to get leftward change will inevitably conclude that the president is to the right of their values and political agendas.

Update 1/27/10:

Thanks to Nomi at I Dreamed I Saw Grace P. Last Night for putting in a kind word for 2L4O, with commissions pledged to No Blood for Hubris.

Update 1/24/10:

Thanks to No Blood for Hubris for being the fourth 2L4O promotional partner!

Thanks to Blue Lyon for helping promote 2L4O! She has pledged her commissions to Doctors Without Borders.

Update 1/22/10:

Thanks to all the first-day purchasers!

Thanks to The Widdershins for being the second promotional partner for 2L4O. Madamab has been kind enough to pledge her commissions to Lambert at Correntewire.

And thanks to commenter Alex01 who had this nice thing to say at
Have you seen the new t-shirts at They're wonderful! I can't get the graphic to post here, but it says:

Too Liberal for Obama

Of course, you have to see it, as this description does it no justtice. Here are the links to both CorrenteWire and the original blog for the shirts. I predict they will be very popular, based on the comments at CW!